A method that has been around for years and which has made millions of people quit has been making a trip around the world to spread the news. As difficult as it might seem this methods presents itself as an easy way to stop smoking, a way which will not have the well known consequences of quitting smoking like irritability, cravings and weight gain. This method, the “Allen Carr’s Easy Way to Stop Smoking” seems to work, as it is stated that this book has a 90% success rate.

Well, if you are a smoker you will find this method quite interesting and the first thought will be a doubtful one and it is understandable. You’ve probably tried different methods of quitting smoking and probably they all failed. Smoking creates an addiction, which will make you will be unaware of until you wish to quit smoking. The negative effects of smoking and passive smoking are well known and many smokers would try anything to help them quit this harmful vice.

The story of Allen Carr is an impressive one, an accountant who had an addiction to smoking, tried a variety of methods to give up his smoking habit. His smoking addiction was incredible as he stated he used to some up to 100 cigarettes a day, which is an incredible amount.

Allen Carr seems to have discovered a method that is claimed to have worked for millions of people, and his method is based on teaching through seminars, books and CD’s people the easy way to stop smoking. This method tries to teach people how to use the power of mind to stop smoking. This sound plausible as the power of mind has not been fully understood and it is believed that the mid can do miracles.

This book seems to work and many people have confirmed this. People who have been smoking for years found it easy to quit after reading this book and to top it all a number of celebrities came out and stated that the book worked for them. It is quite amazing to watch celebrities like Ashton Kutcher, Ellen Degeneres, Sir Anthony Hopkins, Sir Richard Blane, David Blaine, Jason Mraz and many more, share their experience of quitting smoking the easy way after reading Allen Carr’s book.

All these testimonials do make me curious as if it would work on me, and probably this goes for you too. I guess all you need to do now is think if you would be willing to give this book a chance. Good luck and try to lead a smoke free life as life is short already, you don’t need to help shorten it!

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